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Charter a MarineMax 382 Power Catamaran in the BVI

The MarineMax 382 Power Catamaran 

The Top 10 Reasons…

....Why You Should Book Your Winter BVI Charter Now

1. Special Deals Available Now!

Take advantage of lower rates and some special pricing deals while they last. You can save up to 15% when you combine offers. Call Charter Sailing Unlimited at (888) 856-8310 for the most current specials that apply to your dates.

2. Book Early for Lowest Airfares

We all know the drill - the earlier you book, the better the deal! With great options to fly right into Beef Island Airport (where our charter baseis just 10 minutes away) there are currently some outstanding airfares available this Winter.  But don't forget to check flights to St. Thomas, too.  The ferry runs all year and can be a great alternative travel option.

3. Pick Your Boat First

Don't miss the boat! Our power cats and sailboats are spacious, loaded with comfort and performance amenities and are booking quickly, with some dates already completely filled.  Chose the one you want and lock it in now! Call or contact us to look at the specific dates you have in mind.

4. Surprise Your Family

Is there any better kind of surprise than a week's vacation exploring the Caribbean? Make this Winter one to remember with a warm getaway like no other.  Your family will love you for it, and you will treasure the memories.

5. No Need to Winterize Your Bathing Suit

Keep that perfect summer bathing suit in use.  There's no need to pack away your beach attire with a vacation on the horizon. With year-round temps in the mid 80's, there's no Winter chill to dread.

6. Time to Practice Your Watersport Skills

No need to take a 6 month break from the snorkeling, scuba and swimming. Underwater can be a winter blast in the Caribbean!  Check out a sample itinerary here!

7. Keep a Summer Glow All Year

There's nothing quite like a nice tan in the winter. Your friends will want to be you, and you'll be loving the fresh air and sunshine.  (But, definitely be safe and always pack the sunscreen.)

8. You'll Actually Look Forward to Winter Season

Winter no longer means artic air, turtlenecks and mittens. You'll create a new winter outlook!

9. Bragging Rights to Your Friends

Leaving the cold, heading to the warmth, you can brag about it! In the Winter, there's just nothing better.

10. Time to Perfect Your Boat Drink

By booking now, you can practice on preparing the perfect Caribbean cocktail that suits you and your family just right. All our boats have blenders, so create a festive frozen concoction to reward your taste buds.

For additional information and assistance booking a Marine Max 382 or 484 Power Cat in the BVI contact Dennis at Charter Sailing Unlimited: 888-856-8310 or 317-745-1990. You can also go to my 'Information Request' page on my website.

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