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The Perfect Time for Caribbean Sailing Charters to Catch Cultural Festivals and Events

The Caribbean islands observe a huge influx of tourists all year round. Nonetheless, there are some months of the year that are considered as peak holiday seasons. However, a majority of these tourists take Caribbean sailing charters to spend their holiday enjoying the thrilling scenic beauty of the islands. On the contrary, another way to plan out a Caribbean voyage is to choose a month in which some of the islands celebrate their cultural events and festivals.

Similar to most regions of the world with primeval background and repute, local cultures in the Caribbean charter yacht are also expressed through recurrent festivals and events. The heart of most festivals is music and dance while sports and history related events are also commonly enjoyed.

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

This is an annual event related to a Christian fast. The dates for the festival are not fixed but falls between the months of February and March. The carnival begins with multiple small events while the finale is said to an exuberant parade on the streets. Tourists look forward to this carnival to be able to see participants in unusual, bright, and multicolored costumes.

St. Lucia Jazz Festival

The Caribbean island of St. Lucia celebrates this music festival, a night before the 13th of December each year. Although the main focus continues to be on jazz music, other genres of music are also featured, mostly with African origin. Many internationally acclaimed musicians gather on the island to be a part of this world renowned festival.

La Woz and La Magwit Festival

In the Caribbean history of St. Lucia’s, there are two groups of people with a rivalry between them that may still exist. These groups celebrate the festivals of La Woz and La Magwit in the months of August and October respectively. The names of the festivals are derived from those of flowers i.e. roses are used as an insignia during La Woz while a certain type of daisies is the key symbol for La Magwit.

Crop Over Festival

As the name suggests, the Crop Over Festival of Barbados is a celebration of completing the harvest season of sugarcane. The festival continues for up to 12 weeks in the form of numerous events, during the months of May till August. The main characteristics of this festival include exuberant colors, music and dance, arts and craft exhibitions, and basically a complete party atmosphere for everyone to enjoy thoroughly.


The Caribbean sailing charters  has gained global recognition as a holiday destination for sailing passengers. The entire region may seem geographically dispersed but the span is not as vast as the cultural diversity that tourists get to observe. Every Caribbean island has an identity of its own with extremely rich culture and history. Visiting some of these islands during the months of local festivals can further enhance a sailing vacation for all types of tourists.

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