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Tortola – A True Personification of the Caribbean Way of Life

Ever wondered what people mean when they refer to their vacations as a dream holiday? Well, it’s a fantasy trip that they thought they would never get to experience. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a place that they have always desired to visit. Sometimes, we head out on a journey and unexpectedly enough, we find it to be so delightful that we feel we may have lived through a dream vacation.

One such holiday that has commonly fulfilled the dreams of many tourists from all around the world is a vacation in the Caribbean – that too in a charter yacht. So, all those holiday enthusiasts who may plan a trip to the Caribbean in the future should not miss out on a visit to the British Virgin Islands (BVI). With a range of charter yacht companies, it is not difficult to find a BVI sailing charter that could meet one’s specific requirements such as onboard facilities, total cost, etc.

Nonetheless, the British Virgin Islands comprise more than fifty islands. Out of these, the most sought-after island is the largest one of the region – Tortola. The name of this island suitably means Land of the Turtle Dove. This Caribbean island is one destination that has something to offer for everyone. For instance, it is the finest option for surfing fans while those who do not surf get to relax on the beaches and enjoy bird-watching on the bay areas.

In order to soak up a complete Caribbean experience on the island of Tortola, the following destinations must be visited:

Rhone National Marine Park

This is a great open water site for divers. It is highly popular for snorkeling as it allows people to see a historical ship wreck from 1867.

Long Bay Beach

The Long Bay Beach is approximately a mile long and offers the experience of high-spirits with great scenery, nearby resort and restaurant, and a sufficient number of free beach chairs. Simultaneously, a westward walk on the beach leads people to a rather isolated patch which offers a great opportunity to enjoy and simply let everything go.

Beef Island

Adjoining the island of Tortola is the Beef Island, with only a bridge between them. The island offers mountainous terrain, loved by hikers. It also has a number of beautiful beaches to visit.

Nanny Cay

Three small cays form the Nanny Cay which connects with Tortola through a short bridge. It is a popular destination for dining and shopping, and offers a memorable, Caribbean village experience to tourists.


The island of Tortola maybe the largest one among the British Virgin Islands but accounts for only a length of 13.5 miles and width of 3 miles. However, every activity to do and place to visit in Tortola has contrasting features which makes the island a great destination for a sailing vacation to the British Virgin Islands.

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