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Year Round Alaskan Wildlife Charters!

SINGLE STAR - 58' Hidden Harbor Motor Yacht

~ Captain: Lee Robbins - Chef / First Mate: Mary Norman ~

I'm pleased to welcome the 58' trawler SINGLE STAR of Alaska offering professionally guided wildlife photography and eco tours around Kodiak Island and the Katmai Coast. This area is famous for an amazing amount of wildlife, moderate temperatures and stunning scenery. Cruising aboard SINGLE STAR you'll have an opportunity to see a variety of wildlife all in their natural environment.

The Kodiak Island Archipelago is a large group of islands about 30 miles from the Alaska Peninsula and 158 miles across the Gulf of Alaska from Homer, Alaska. The archipelago is about 177 miles long and encompasses nearly 5,000 square miles, roughly the size of the state of Connecticut.

With the moderate climate in the Kodiak area, chartering is available year round. The average temperatures are very moderate due to Japanese current:

Summer Temps: day 55-60F / evening 50-55F
Winter Temps: day 15-40F / evening 15-35F

For the fisherman it's a dream come true with salmon filling the streams, and halibut, rock fish and cod plentiful. You have the option of exclusive fly fishing in remote areas for silver salmon and steelhead with your very own FFF Certified Casting Instructor, registered guide and Captain Lee Robbins.

All fly fishing cruises are limited to 4 people actively fishing. A dinghy and flats boat are used for the tidal estuaries of rivers and small streams, usually with 2 people fishing from the flats boat while 2 people are in chest waders fishing from shore at any given time. This allows Capt. Lee adequate time for each guest. By the way there is no additional charge for fly fishing instruction.

For experienced fly fishers, silver salmon & chum salmon, both big and strong fish that will run into your backing line every time - available early September yearly.

For photographers and nature lovers you'll cruise aboard SINGLE STAR in total luxury into the Alaskan Wilderness. Photograph volcanoes, snow capped mountains, tide flats overflowing with wildlife and wildflowers. These trips give you the true taste of the Kodiak area with its puffins, kittiwakes, sea otter, a variety of whales, bald eagles, coastal brown bears, moose, occasional foxes and wolves. FYI: May is the sea bird nesting month for the bird lovers.

Accommodations aboard SINGLE STAR is best suited for 4 adult guests, but she can accommodate a family of 6 in a 'family setting' with kids or young adults bunking in the wheelhouse.

SINGLE STAR is equipped with a 100,000 BTU furnace to keep guests comfortable and cozy, so after a busy day outdoors you'll be happy to retire aboard SINGLE STAR for a home cooked gourmet meal and hot shower.

2011/12 - Fully Crewed - Summer & Winter  Rates:
~ Up to 6 Guests $17,500/ 7 nights (4 Adults & 2 Kids)

Rate includes airport pickup, all meals served family style, daily guided shore excursions, and all National Wildlife Refuge permits.
Not Included: Special Requests, Ship’s Bar, Communications, Dockage & Gratuity.

Add an APA of 10% for fuel. SINGLE STAR uses an average of 35 gal/day of diesel on charter. This includes the main engine, generators as well as the furnace for heating.

For more information about SINGLE STAR call Dennis at Charter Sailing Unlimited using our toll free #: 888-856-8310 or local #: 317-745-1990. You can also contact us by going to our "Information Request" page.


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