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The Bahamas

Bahamas Power Yacht Charters & Vacations
Five Day Itinerary - Round Trip -Bimini Islands Departing from Ft. Lauderdale
Day 1: Sunday- Arrive at the Ft. Lauderdale marina before mid morning with provisions. The skipper and mate should run through the inventory and do a systems check out. Depart the Ft. Lauderdale marina in the evening and sail across the Gulf Stream as it is a ten hour crossing over to North Bimini Island and it is preferable to arrive in daylight hours. (50 Nautical Miles - Approx. 10 hrs.)
Day 2: Monday – Arrive in Alice Town early Morning, clear customs and Immigration. It is recommended to spend your first day & night at a marina since you will be very tired when you arrive. Bimini Blue Water Marina is a reasonably priced marina or another option is Bimini Big Game Club Marina which is a very nice Resort. Explore Alice Town, rent a Golf cart to drive all around the island, and have some cracked conch for dinner at one of the local establishments.
Day 3: Tuesday – Depart Alice town after a leisurely morning at the dock. Sail around to the west side of North Bimini Island. Tie off to one of the mooring balls at the Atlantis Road. (6 Nautical Miles - Approx. 1 hr.) This is the site of what some think to be evidence of the lost city of Atlantis. Snorkel and swim from the boat. After a couple of hours and lunch on the boat pull closer to shore on the west side of North Bimini for an overnight anchorage off a beautiful calm sand Beach. (½ Nautical Miles - Approx. ¼ Hr.)
Day 4: Wednesday – Sail south to the wreck of the Sappona. (10 Nautical Miles - Approx. 2 hrs.) Snorkel around this old 1920’s concrete hull of a sunken freighter. Pick up anchor and head south. Sail to Gun Cay and fish along the way.  (6 Nautical Miles - Approx. 1 hr.) With some luck you will catch Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Mackerel, Tuna, or maybe Wahoo. Anchor on the east or west side of Gun Cay depending on the conditions. Spend the night on the hook and cook your catch on the grill.
Day 5: Thursday – Sail down to wedge rock or Victory Cay and drop anchor for a couple of hours of snorkeling. (6 Nautical Miles - Approx. 1 hr.) Pull up anchor late afternoon and sail to Moxom Rocks Anchorage on the south end of North Cat Cay (3 Nautical Miles - Approx. ½  hr.) or go to the east side of North Cat Cay and spend the night at the beautiful Cat Cay Marina. (6 Nautical Miles - Approx. 1 hr.)
Day 6: Friday – Wake up early at about 4:00 AM and start back to Ft. Lauderdale by 5:00 in the morning so you arrive 12:00 Noon. Enjoy the favorable winds and currents which make for a shorter crossing, usually less than 7 hours. (55 Nautical Miles - Approx. 8 hrs.) To add a little excitement, try fishing while you are sailing. It’s a thrill catching Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Tuna, Pompano, Mackerel, and Wahoo, not to mention the occasional billfish. There is nothing like fresh caught fish for dinner! You can also take along a kayak for island exploration and/or a windsurfer for the water sports enthusiast. Obviously there can be a lot of variation on this itinerary, but it shows that a short trip across the Gulf Stream to the Bimini Island Chain can be a great trip.

One Week Itinerary - Round Trip -Bimini Islands Departing from Ft. Lauderdale

Day 1: Arrive at the Ft. Lauderdale marina before mid-day. Part of the Crew goes to shop for provisions while the skipper and mate run through the inventory and do a systems check out. Skipper and mate should rest late afternoon and early evening. Finish loading the boat and depart the Ft. Lauderdale marina for Bimini between 10:00 PM and Midnight. The crossing is done at night so that you arrive in daylight hours (due to no lighted navigational aides in the Bahamas).

Day 2: Arrive in Alice Town, clear customs and Immigration. It is recommended to spend your first night at a marina since you will be very tired when you arrive. Bimini Blue Water Marina is a reasonable marina to stay at. Explore Alice Town, walk over to the beach, and have some cracked conch for dinner at one of the local establishments.

Day 3: Sail to the north end of North Bimini. Anchor off the beach and carry a picnic lunch to a wonderful swimming beach. In the afternoon sail out to Bimini Road for a nice snorkel or shallow dive. Go back in near the beach and anchor out for the night.

Day 4: Sail south to the wreck of the Sappona. Snorkel around this old 1940’s concrete hull sunken freighter. Pick up anchor and head south, sail to Gun Cay and anchor on the east or west side depending on conditions.

Day 5: Dinghy into Gun Cay and explore this uninhabited island. Check out the lighthouse and the nice beaches. There is also good conching around the east side of the island. Sail on down to the south end of North Cat Cay where there is a protected bay and a beautiful beach. Spend the night.

Day 6: Sail out to Tuna Alley, hook up with a mooring ball, and enjoy a world-class dive site. This is a 50’ to 80’ dive with coral caverns and giant crevasses. You will see lots of reef fish and an occasional turtle, shark and other wildlife. In the afternoon sail to the east side of North Cat Cay and spend your last night at Cat Cay Marina. There is fine dining there at the marina as well as a more casual dining room.

Day 7: Check out the gift shop at the marina on Cat Cay in the morning. Sail down to South Cat Cay. Anchor off the west side for a couple for hours and do some snorkeling. Head back to Ft. Lauderdale so you arrive before dark. Stay at the Fun In The Sun Marina and go out to dinner in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

Day 8: Clean up the boat, pack up your gear, and depart by 12:00 noon.

Eight Day Itinerary - Cruising in the Abacos 

Day 1: Meet at a Marina in Marsh Harbor. After settling you into the boat, looking at the charts of the area, getting weather forecasts and we will come up with a cruise plan that fits your wants and the weather perfectly. Then afternoons swim or walk on the beach. With the first evening stargazing from the cockpit!

Day 2: Sail to Guana Cay and get a mooring or a dock. Then you're off to the beaches for snorkeling, sunning and swimming, later that day (Sunday) there is a pig roast on the beach at Nippers.

Day 3: Sail south stopping at Foul Cay Underwater Park, for some snorkeling on the reef. Then in the afternoon sail south to Man O War Cay and go dock side. The next day you spend exploring the sail shop, boat builders, and shops of the Cay, then a swim at the beach. Later on we sail to Hope Town and get a mooring.

Day 4: Explore Hope Town, or out to lunch, checking the museum, then a nice dinner at one of the restaurants in town, and some local bars for a drink or two.

Day 5: Sail south to Tahiti Beach, swim, snorkel and do some fishing then a nice dinner on board. This is a great anchorage for dingy exploring.

Day 6: Explore further south, dive Sandy Cay Park, or explore the artist’s settlement Little Harbor. Plan to moor for the night at either Lubbers or Tahiti Beach.

Day 7: Kayak, snorkel and paddleboard the crystal clear waters of Tilloo bank, shelling and sand dollar hunting. Relax and enjoy a late afternoon sail to your departure destination.

Day 8: Awake relaxed and enjoy a leisurely breakfast prior to your departure at 10 am.

Fifteen Day Itinerary - Round Trip - The Abacos Departing from Ft. Lauderdale

Day 1: Arrive at the Ft. Lauderdale marina by 12:00 Noon, do inventory, mechanical check out, chart briefing, provisioning, and load boat. Make for a late evening departure from Ft. Lauderdale so you will arrive in daylight hours. It is approximately a 9 to 11 hour passage depending on conditions. (72 Nautical Miles)

Day 2: Arrive at Old Bahama Bay Marina, West End Grand Bahama early in the morning. Then clear customs and immigration and let the Captain get a nap while the crew checks out the village and resort. Go out to dinner at the restaurant. Spend the night at the Marina.

Day 3: Depart Old Bahama Bay Marina early and sail to Great Sale Cay (47 Nautical Miles). Anchor at Great Sale Cay and swim, snorkel, fish, kayak, explore the cay, etc. Have dinner on the boat. Spend the night at Great Sale Cay.

Day 4: Make for an early morning departure from Great Sale Cay. Sail to Green Turtle Cay in the Abaco Islands (50 Nautical Miles). Spend the night at a Marina in Black Sound or anchored out.

Day 5: Spend the day checking out the island at Green Turtle. Explore the village of New Plymouth. Eat at the local restaurants and have a drink at the local watering holes.

Day 6: Depart Green Turtle and sail to Hope Town (24 Nautical Miles). Anchor in the harbor and spend the night on the hook.

Day 7: Check out the island during the morning. It is worthwhile spending some time in this quintessential Bahamian out island village. Have lunch ashore and depart in the afternoon for Marsh Harbor (7 Nautical Miles). Stay at Mangoes Marina in Marsh Harbor or anchor out.

Day 8: Depart Marsh Harbor and sail to Great Guana Cay. (7 Nautical Miles) The anchorage behind the settlement is nice with a NNE through SSE wind. If the wind is out of the west there is a fine dock at Guana Cay Resort.

Day 9: Check out Nippers on the beach, where you will find an Island Pig Roast every Sunday. Depart Guana Cay in the afternoon and sail to Treasure Cay, (10 Nautical Miles). Once in Treasure Cay, there is a wonderful marina with all the amenities.

Day 10: Depart Treasure Cay and sail to Allan Cay (37 Nautical Miles). Anchor for the night. Enjoy the beautiful white sand beach on this uninhabited Island. Spend the night on the hook.

Day 11: Depart Allan Cay and sail NNW to Double Breasted Cay, 5-7 hour passage, (36 Nautical Miles).

Day 12: Spend the day exploring this island gem. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the Abacos are on this uninhabited Island. Depart late afternoon from Double Breasted Cay and sail to the Marina at Walker’s Cay, (10 Nautical Miles).

Day 13: Get an early start and sail to West End across the Little Bahama Bank, (47 Nautical Miles).

Day 14: Get an early start and sail back across the Gulf Stream knowing that it is going to take you bit longer this way since you are against the current. 12-14 hour passage, (72 Nautical Miles).

Day 15: Clear Customs, clean up, pack up, and depart the boat by 12:00 noon.

Eight Day Itinerary - Round Trip - The Exumas Departing from Nassau

Day 1: Board your yacht in Coral Harbour, just 10 minutes by taxi from the Nassau International Airport. We suggest the charter starts at 10 am or earlier for a 30 Nautical Mile sail across the Yellow Banks into the stunning Exuma waters and islands. Arrive at Allen's Cay by sunset and tuck into a calm and secluded anchorage. Visit the beach where wild Bahamian Iguanas scurry out to greet us. Swim and snorkel as dinner is prepared for you to enjoy under the stars.

Day 2: Awake to a leisurely breakfast al fresco, and get ready to sail down island to Norman's Cay on the Exuma Sound, fishing along the way. Stop and snorkel or Scuba dive on sites such as “The Octopus’ Garden” or “Hammerhead Gulch”. Anchor in the deserted northern end of Norman's Cay, where spectacular beaches, lagoons, flats and snorkeling await you. Sailing down Norman's Cay a bit more, anchor in a charming harbor with a sunken drug plane that makes a colorful and exciting snorkel. Visit “Twinkie Beach” for solitude and fantastic shelling, or dinghy to the Norman’s Cay Beach Club Bar and Restaurant for a fun evening ashore with other cruisers.

Day 3: By now, rush hour traffic seems a lifetime ago, and you revel in the simple beauty of the sunrise. Enjoy another invigorating sail south toward the Exuma Land and Sea Park. The Park’s Headquarters, Warderick Wells, is a former pirate’s hideaway, and the anchorage circles a giant sandbar at low tide. This island never ceases to thrill, with its miles of trails, beautiful snorkeling reefs, secluded beaches, and interesting wildlife including birds that eat sugar right out of your hand! This is a major spawning ground for sea creatures and coral reefs, as well as uniquely indigenous flora and fauna. Finish off the day with a barbeque dinner on the beach under the stars, as the sun bids us farewell with a brilliant display of colors across the sky.

Day 4: Continue south to visit the ancient Lucayan burial grounds of Rocky Dundas, where several caves and grottos create beautiful snorkeling. Nearby Compass Cay is next for our exploration, with a natural whirlpool, “Rachel’s Bubble Bath” that changes dramatically with the tides. Anchor for the night in nearby Fowl Cay, which has a beautiful coral reef for you to enjoy, as well as a perfect, crescent shaped beach.

Day 5: Begin your journey back north, stopping to visit the “Sea Aquarium”, a fantastic snorkel spot, along the way. Sailing through the protected, deserted cays in the Park offers incredible views you will never forget! Anchor in Hawksbill and experience the sugar-sand beaches and a special trail across the island with ruins of a Loyalist plantation from the 1700’s. The destination at the end of the trail is a spectacular beach where the only footprints will be your own. Enjoy kayaking, swimming, or just relaxing in this paradise.

Day 6: Sail on to nearby Shroud Cay where you can explore the intricate mangrove rivers by dinghy or kayak. Winding through this incredible ecosystem, you will be rewarded by gorgeous beaches and lagoons when you reach the other side. Enjoy a picnic lunch and play in the gentle surf and unique currents which create a natural water park! Sleep soundly in this calm and protected anchorage after enjoying a wonderful sunset and dinner under the stars.

Day 7: Enjoy a full day sailing back across the Yellow Banks. You can spend the final night anchored out (weather dependent) or you can return to the dock in the canals of Coral Harbour, right across the street from a long, quiet beach. Stroll back into the local nightlife or enjoy your evening on board your yacht. Reflect on the beauty, discovery and solitude you have experienced, and consider how it can enrich your life back home.

Day 8: Awake and prepare to bid this magical chain of islands farewell. A short 10 minute taxi ride to the airport starts your travel day off easily, and you'll realize that you are already planning a return charter for next year!

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