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The Mediterranean


The best way to visit these islands is obviously by yacht. That way you can enjoy all the craziness, yet escape or avoid it completely if you wish to. click here


French Riviera

Sail the French Riviera and sample the climate, beauty and sophistication that has made the Côte d'Azur the choice location of sailors around the world. click here


Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera is the narrow coastal strip which lies between the Ligurian Sea and the mountain chain formed by the Maritime Alps and the Apennines.click here



Our suggested 7 days itinerary starts in Dubrovnik, and what better place to start from could one possibly choose.click here


Greece & Greek Islands

The Ionian Islands located on the western side of mainland Greece, are seven main islands that distinguish from many of the Greek islands by their fertile land and clear blue waters. click here



Cold Water Bay is beautiful bay and gets its name from the cold spring water that runs into it, you can definitely expect to feel refreshed after a swim here. click here


Nothing can compare to an exotic sailing holiday cruise aboard a luxurious private yacht in the Mediterranean, whether it's Balearics Islands off the coast of Spain, the fabulous French or Italian Riviera, the hundreds of square miles of Greek Islands, or the rugged beauty of the coastlines of Croatia and Turkey.

Cruising in the East or West Mediterranean is an unparalleled experience which exposes you to a thousand of years of history and culture. The beautiful sailing waters of Mediterranean and its friendly people have kept charter clients returning year after year creating memories to last a lifetime. Here you will enjoy the wonderful summer weather by swimming, sunning and relaxing during the day, while in the evening strolling around historic towns with their amazing architecture and visiting the many picturesque outdoor cafes offering beautifully prepared local dishes and wine specialties.

It's impossible for us to cover in detail all the truly magnificent locations of the Mediterranean. However in order to give you just a taste of the possibilities we have gathered six different itineraries for some of the most popular cruising areas in the Med. It must be stressed that these itineraries are only suggestions, because one of the true delights of chartering a yacht, is your complete freedom to create you own itinerary. The possibilities are boundless.

Let's start with the Balearic Islands which lie just east of the Spanish mainland between Spain and the North Africa coast. The Balearic Islands are made of four main islands Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera. Each of these islands maintains a character distinct from the rest of Spain as well as from each other. During the period of June through August there is a massive invasion of multinational sun-and-fun-seekers. That's hardly surprising considering what the Balearic Islands have to offer: fine beaches, relentless sunshine, good food, casinos and wild nightlife.

Next on our list of itineraries is the French Riviera. For many the chic ambience of the Cote d' Azur and the Principality of Monaco draws them back year after year. This region has an unparalleled range of exquisite shopping, restaurants and entertainment; Monte Carlo with its world famous casinos to Cannes, which hosts the annual Film Festival and on to St Tropez that has so much more to offer than just its media reputation as a playground. There are numerous beautiful villages in the surrounding countryside such as St. Paul de Vence and Eze that represent a rather more traditional view of French life.

Next stop is the Italian Riviera for the rugged beauty and superb anchorages of the west cost of Corsica; the delightful and intimate harbour of Portofino on the on the Italian Riviera or the Costa Smeralda, on the north eastern coast of Sardinia, which contrasts the jet set sophistication of Porto Cervo and the nearby bay of Cala di Volpe with the most beautiful and protected anchorages of the outlying Maddalena Islands.

Moving east, imagine joining your yacht in St. Mark's Square, Venice, before crossing to cruise the Croatian archipelago and ending in Dubrovnik. Enjoy the warmth of the local communities and the breathtaking vistas of the hundreds of islands which are unique within the Mediterranean.

The Ionian and Aegean waters make cruising in Greece among the most popular locations year after year. However, we must also not forget the Turkish coast with magnificent anchorages, and amazing history created where western and eastern cultures meet and on a practical note, perhaps the cleanest azure water inviting you to enjoy the variety of watersports options.

Whether your interest lies in a large luxury mega yacht, a lovely local sailing gullet, or a sleek sailing vessel, Charter Sailing Unlimited will be very happy to assist you in finding the Mediterranean yacht which best suits your needs.