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Croatia Yacht Charters


(Croatia Yacht Charters, Vacations & Rentals Sample Itinerary)

Day 1: Our suggested 7 days itinerary starts in Dubrovnik (Croatia), and what better place to start from could one possibly choose. You check in late afternoon, which will give you time to enjoy an in evening in Dubrovnik.

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival consists of various events, taking place in the special atmosphere of the traditional Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Performances and concerts take place in the open air and, during warm Dubrovnik evenings, transform the whole town into a stage.

Lokrum is the island in the immediate vicinity of the town and one of numerous excursion points in the beautiful surroundings of Dubrovnik.

Day 2: The Elafiti Islands are not far from Dubrovnik (Croatia). They consist of Sipan, Lopud, and Kolocep. They offer a perfect sailing area - idle around, go swimming, snorkel in crystal clear sea etc. - what could be nicer. They are small, so everything of importance can be done by foot. Heavy traffic and people rushing are not part of the life here (the infrastructure of the island would not allow it either). They are forgotten in the tide of change.

The island Sipan is the greenest among all the Elafiti islands (Croatia). The vegetation is rich in lavender, myrth, mandarins and lemons, olive trees, palms but also cypress and laurel contribute to the island colors. The Elafiti are forested and always green. Each island is a botanical garden.

Day 3: Mljet is thought by many to be the most beautiful island of the Adriatic. Mljet is covered by a carpet of ancient forest and is rich in flora and fauna. There is an outstanding national park of over 11 square miles with two lakes, Malo and Veliko. On the tiny island of St Mary there is a 12th century Benedictine monastery. Perfect for a Croatia Yacht Charter Vacation.

For those who like pleasant walks, the island is crisscrossed with paths around the lakes, over the hills, through forests and along the seashores. Its hot summers, numerous bathing beaches and fascinating cultural heritage distinguish Mljet as an unspoiled island resort of immense quality.

Day 4: Mljet Island is one of the many islands on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Named from the Greek for Honey Island, legend has it that Odysseus spent time here with the nymph Calypso and St Paul is supposed to have run aground here on his way to Italy. In the north of the island there is a national park surrounding two lakes. Explore the tiny hamlet of Pomena or take a boat to visit St Mary's Monastery situated on an island in the Big Lake.

Day 5: The town of Korcula (3232 inhabitants) is the historical, cultural and political centre and the historical harbor of the island. It was built on a small peninsula that limits the passing between the island and the mainland on only 6 nautical miles. The possibility to supervise the navigation of galleys and sailing-vessels on this spot was the reason for the formation of the small town-fortress. It fulfilled this service for different governors. The town developed hastily from the 13th century, in the form it can be seen today. Those were the years of the origin of the Constitution, the coming of the governors Zorzi and the century of Marco Polo.

Day 6: Lastovo is an offshore island south of Korcula. Its dense vegetation, the azure sea with countless islets and reefs, as well as varied flora and fauna, make this island really unique. It is famed for its carnival in which the entire population of the island enthusiastically takes part and provides an opportunity for visitors to admire the lovely male and female traditional folk costumes. The island was closed to foreigners for 50 years, and will be an unusual discovery for visitors to this part of the Adriatic. Lastovo, with its 46 small islands and their shoals is an eldorado for followers of big game fishing for yellowtail and tuna. But with all these attractions, it is not an exclusive or expensive enterprise, as local fisherman have been catching these big trophies for their own food for as long as can be remembered.